Brand New Scam – USAA

Just got a new email scam. It states in the title “usaa:warning”. It then goes on to tell you that your account has been accessed from a new computer or other source that they didn’t recognize, so they want you to verify. It then says if you “don’t recognize this activity “fix it here”. Do not click on any highlighted areas. Now that you know don’t even open the email. I will send it directly to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and will report to USAA either tomorrow, or if they are closed for the holiday then on Tues.
I knew right away that it is a scam because I don’t have any accounts with USAA. But even if I did, I would know it as a scam because of where it came from. It comes from “( The address from where you get messages should always be checked for they tell you a lot. Such as this did not come from The stupid idiots from whichever country this one is originating from probably don’t realize that we actually have a bank in the United States named U.S.Bank and that US Bank and USAA have nothing to do with each other.
I know that it is tempting to just send messages such as these to the trash but please take the time to take the one extra step to report emails such as these as “spam” or “phishing” or whatever method it is that your email provider gives you to help stop these types of messages. If we all report these as soon as we see them, we stand a much better chance of stopping these before they do damage.

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