New scam on Square accounts

Please share this or pass this information on to anyone you know who might use the “square” to conduct business. It is a way of accepting charge and debit cards. The scammers are using the square logo and everything. But it does not come from an email address that is connected to which is the giveaway that it is a scam. I have already reported this to square and I have sent it to the Colo. Bureau of Investigation. The following is a copy of the body of the letter.
” Hi there,

We constantly monitor and maintain the security of all our users. We noticed some suspicious activity on your account, so as you may have noticed, we’ve disabled the ability for anyone to log into your account from your email address at this time. That said, we would love to give access back to your account and secure it after you login into your dashboard to verify a few details of the proper account holder.”

Please do not fall for this one and please share with those who might be receiving an email of this sort.

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