Legal Issues

“and justice for all”

Our pledge of allegiance is a promise to ourselves, for we are America. The United States is a geographical land mass, but America is us. “Justice for all” should mean all of us, not just the wealthy or those accused of crimes who can’t afford an attorney. It should also mean for all victims of any crime or breach of contract. The sad fact is many Americans can’t afford, or at the very least, feel they can’t afford an attorney for most instances… MORE INFO

Identity Theft & Scams

The compromising or theft of credit or bank cards accounts for only 19% of all identity thefts. As a matter of fact, having a credit or bank card compromised is not anywhere near as damaging as having your entire identity stolen. Scam artists can be after either your money or your identity. A fact not well known by the American public is that most scams, even though they appear to be originated here in the states, are actually being operated by people outside of our country… MORE INFO

Tax & Insurance Issues

It’s 1973 and there are two men. One earns about $7,600 and ends up paying about $1,000 in taxes. The other man earns about $200,000 and owes no income taxes. Want to take a wild guess as to which of those two men was me? The second man was Richard Nixon, the then (but not for much longer) president of the United States. Now, I never saw his actual tax return so I can’t guarantee that he paid no taxes, but I do know this is what was reported, because that is what started me on my true life’s work. By 1980 I started preparing other peoples taxes, and now my firm does about 700 returns a year. So I can say with authority that people pay thousands and thousands of dollars in taxes that they wouldn’t actually owe if they did their taxes correctly… MORE INFO

Major Market Declines

The year is 2008 and Americans lost $74 billion of equity in their real estate and retirement accounts. Plus the government had to “loan” Wall Street firms $125 billion to keep them from collapsing. On top of that, the government had to spend literally trillions to keep the economy afloat. And to top off all that, the Wall Street firms paid themselves $17.5 billion in bonuses for doing such a great job. Then in 2009, while our whole country was in the depths of the “Great Recession,” they paid themselves another $22.5 billion in bonuses. If you think, even for a second, that Wall Street cares about your financial security, you’re most likely viewing the wrong web site… MORE INFO