There are many ways to make money and accumulate wealth. Just as there are many advisors out there to help you along the way and we are glad they are there. Unfortunately there are just as many ways to lose your hard earned money and plenty of people who think your money should be theirs. Preventing that from happening is what this web site, our seminars and our entire practice is dedicated to. We are not here to replace your financial advisors but rather to complement their efforts. Our job is to help you stay FINANCIALLY INTACT.


Legal Issues

“and justice for all”
Our pledge of allegiance is a promise to ourselves, for we are America.
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Identity Theft & Scams

The compromising or theft of credit or bank cards accounts for only 19% of all identity thefts. As a matter of fact
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Tax & Insurance Issues

It’s 1973 and there are two men. One earns about $7,600 and ends up paying about $1,000 in taxes. The other man earns about $200,000 and owes no income taxes.
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Major Market Declines

The year is 2008 and Americans lost $74 billion of equity in their real estate and retirement accounts. Plus the government had to “loan” Wall Street firms $125 billion
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