Our Team

This site is sponsored by and is the work of Vejrostek Tax and Financial. The mission statement for the business is: “to educate our clients on the product or service that is of interest to them, so that they can make a wise informed decision.” Our goal is and always has been to help people keep their money in their own pockets.

We have found that there are plenty of books, web sites, seminars etc. that teach and/or talk about how to make, invest and budget money. However, we found that there is not much information for people to learn how to protect that money once they have accumulated it. The web site is just an introduction to the major piece of work which is the book (and accompanying seminars) by the same name.

We hope you find the information to be of value and wish you all prosperity.

Ron Vejrostek – Owner

Man smiling wearing glassesI started the tax preparation side of the business in 1980 as a part time business. In 1992 the business became a full time job and I started to expand into other financial services. In 1999 the business became Vejrostek Tax and Financial. My goal is and always will be to help people keep their money in their own pockets. I am a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Management.

Shawna Williams – Office Administrator

woman smiling on the phoneShawna has been part of the team for a few years now. She sets the appointments, greets you with a smile and makes sure you’re comfortable. She would treat you exactly the same even if it wasn’t in her job description, that’s just the kind of person she is.

James – Future Advisor

One of eight grandchildren but by the looks of it, seems to have the knack.