The compromising or theft of credit or bank cards accounts for only 19% of all identity thefts. As a matter of fact, having a credit or bank card compromised is not anywhere near as damaging as having your entire identity stolen. Scam artists can be after either your money or your identity. A fact not well known by the American public is that most scams, even though they appear to be originated here in the states, are actually being operated by people outside of our country.

The one that has surprised me the most is the IRS scam, where the caller says you owe money to the IRS and demands immediate payment or else the county sheriff is going to arrest you or the IRS will seize your home. I actually got this call twice in 2 days. So since I have a contact within the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and I had both the number they called from and the number they wanted me to call to take care of the so-called problem, I called my contact to give her all the information. To my surprise, she told me the scammers' technology is so good that the numbers I saw are not real United States numbers. Those numbers, even though they show U.S. area codes, are actually routed through a Canadian exchange and from there are routed to an exchange in a different foreign country, a country, of course, that does not co-operate with the U.S. in stopping such crimes. I guess I should have guessed it, but it never occurred to me that people in other countries would know that one of Americans' greatest fears is dealing with the IRS. As bad as this crime is, it is actually twice as bad as we would normally think. Not only does someone lose at least a part of their nest egg, but people in foreign countries who don't even like us are going to use that money to damage our country and our economy. That means we all get hurt when even one person falls for this scam.

Our best protection against identity theft and scams is education and caution on our parts. However with today's technology and huge social media presence, sometimes we almost don't stand a chance. Other people, family, or friends who know us could inadvertently give out information that we never intended to be made public. For example, one of them could mention that we are out of town on vacation or that maybe we are visiting a sick relative. Then there is also the case where someone else might not take the precautions necessary to protect our information, such as a medical office or a retailer or bank. Even when they take the correct precautions, these businesses sometimes still get hacked. The fact is that, no matter how careful we might be, we are always at risk. It's not IF we are ever going to have part or all of our identity stolen but more a matter of WHEN.

Since our job here is to help all of us remain Financially Intact, we went on a search to find the best identity theft protection/restoration product on the market. LegalShield has teamed up with a company called Kroll, which is an "international technology-enabled intelligence and information management company." So between the fact that LegalShield uses some of the best trained people in the world and their goal is their clients full restoration, it is the protection we have chosen to use ourselves and recommend to everyone else. When you add the identity theft protection product to the basic LegalShield, we honestly believe you will be as protected as possible. Considering that the two products together are available for just $30 per month, you are getting a whole lot of protection and bang for your buck. If you wish to learn more about LegalShield and their identity theft protection product, please click on the link below.

As a full disclosure here I (Ron Vejrostek) am a LegalShield Independent Associate.

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