We don’t do any events February through April because of tax season.  We do seminars May through November.  Besides the Financially Intact seminar that I do in several cities, I also do seminars on a couple of other topics through the course of the year.  All seminars will be posted here.  I also do an 8 hour financial class once or twice per year, which will get listed here.

FINANCIALLY INTACT seminars take place over the course of two evenings.  We do feed you both nights.  Nothing fancy just a nice salad and pizza buffet.  We do ask that you commit to coming both evenings.

Seminar Schedule

May 12th & 19th Pinocchio’s, Longmont  (Tuesday nights)
Our seminars are not like any other financial seminar you have ever attended.
You must commit to coming both nights.

June 10th & 17th Delvickio’s, Superior (Wednesday nights)

July 14th & 21st Delvickio’s, Broomfield  (Tuesday nights)

August 11th & 18th Pinoccchio’s, Brighton  (Tuesday nights)

tentative date September 2015 Tuesday nights

C.A.S.H. Class

C = Cash     A = Annuities     S = Securities     H = Housing (Real Estate)

This is an 8 hour class, it meets for 2 hours per week for 4 weeks, it is the only class, seminar that I actually charge for.  The price is $59 for a single or $79 for a couple. No meals for this one but you do get a nice notebook and a first class education on investment asset classes.