Welcome to Financially Intact!

Welcome to Financially Intact

Of all the things I have seen in the world, the one thing I will never tire of seeing, is people achieving or at least having a fair shot at achieving their dreams.  Most of us are hard working people and very few of us actually do for a living what we most love to do.  Many times people do not get the opportunity to live the life they really wanted to live till they retire.  That is why this web site, the book and the seminars, generally speaking this piece of work, is so important to me.  I know if people are going to get that chance they have to remain Financially Intact.  I am so sick and tired of people stealing other people’s chances at true happiness.  Educating people in these matters is my attempt at fighting back and hopefully helping people get that chance to live that life they so deserve.

This blog will cover many topics mostly concerning ways to save money and notifying you of current scams and shams.  I won’t be posting too many blogs between now and June 2015 for I am trying to finish the book and have it out by then.

We, me and my team, wish you all prosperity.




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